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The 57 Lives of Alex Wayfare by MG Buehrlen

Remember when I said I'd post reviews and such for bookish pursuits. Here you go... this book looks brilliant. I have not read it yet, but just talking to the author, MG Buehrlen, I have a good idea that I am going to love this series.

Here's a sneak peek at my write-up. If you want to read the full account, click HERE.

Not that MG has anything but amazing to talk about given her debut novel’s appearance on the scene. Born of an idea that has pattered around in her brain since she reached sixteen years, MG happily took her time to craft this first of four novels in the Alex Wayfare series: The 57 Lives of Alex Wayfare.

As we spoke about influences and favorite timey-wimey things (oh yes, Whovian… is she) — MG broke down the truly inspirational from the multitude of things she has loved, watched for the sake of time travel research — and came up with two contributing inspirations out of them all: Quantum Leap and David Ives’ play, Sure Thing.

Quantum Leap led to her exploring the idea of time travel through the projection of your soul. Your body is left behind and the essence of you is projected into another body somewhere in time. You have to fit in and avoid outing yourself with the language you use and how you behave in your new environment. This struggle comes into play in 57 Lives.  Alex, the lead character in this series, “stands out,” said MG. Like the lead in Quantum Leap “she is waking up in this person and being forced to live out the cultural requisites.”

That doesn’t even sound remotely easy based upon what I remember from Quantum Leap. Wow… that’s gotta be a fun prepping session or at least I hope there is some since in Quantum Leap they winged it A LOT. In fact, in 57 Lives, Alex isn’t going it alone and has a mentor who helps her transition timelines and all the in-betweens. An interesting concept given the idea of soul projection rather than physical incarnations being transported through time. Alex can walk between time, go into limbo. Wild, huh?

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