I MUST (sabriel75) wrote,

8,000+ LJ Emails

Are you one of those people that doesn't throw away anything? I tend to be until I move. Given that my family moves about every 4 years now whereas previously it was every 6 months to a year, what I hoard can be ridiculous.

Recently though, having moved from St. Louis to here in Florida, I purged a lot but had not done the same for my email accounts. Looking back is such a sad thing for me and lonely and LJ has been one of those places where I could go and know with some certainty that my friends would always be there despite the change in my address. Not so much anymore though... is it? That's not really the case with how ghost townish LJ is nowadays and so today, I deleted around 8,000 emails that had collected in my LJ folder.

I deleted four years of fun conversations and comments and the memory of persons who are long gone from here. Some of you still remain and I appreciate you all. I don't think I like handling the realization that LJ has lost that community vibe that helped me through my last two moves.

Anyway... I just wanted a place to document my feelings and thought if anyone would understand the desolation of letting those LJ emails go, someone here would.
Tags: ghost of a good thing, moving on

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