June 11th, 2014

[Strange] Emily the Strange

Shameless Plugging to Come... Soon and Frequent

Hi dear friends who may still frequent or flit in here and see what's going on on LiveJournal since they have been absent. You all are amazing for managing life and friendships online as well as off. Not that I have been totally silent. You can find me over on twitter every once in awhile.

However, this journal has been pretty much a part of the void too long.

So here I am saying hello. How are you all? Interested in reading book reviews? Because despite my howdy right now, mostly I hope to interest you all in reading... reviews... of books that I am blogging about over on Fangirlish and see if I cannot build some buzz for them.

Anyone up for a little bookish pursuit?
[Strange] Emily the Strange

2 for 1 Review: Dangerous Creatures Series


So yeah… the past two Fridays, I have cheated a bit on the two-for-one deal going on here in this column. I know, I know… last week was a novella and a novel and again… yep… this week too! I am reviewing an e-novella and a novel. Hold up though! A novella requires reading though, yeah? So it’s not as long, sometimes we have to mix it up to bring you the most awesome of things the fastest we can.

And the Dangerous Creatures Book tour wrapped up last night [May 29, 2014] and what better way for me to promote the giveaway we have than by reviewing the e-novella, Dangerous Dream that you must read to really get a good feel for the behind-the-scenes plot going on at the start of the book, Dangerous Creatures.

You’re probably shaking your head at that headline now that you know this review only includes an e-novella and one novel. You’re wondering, “What books?” because right now you’re only hearing about a book and a half  – a quarter maybe? However, let me tell you that Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia have made it known to the world that Dangerous Creatures is only the first in a series of books about Ridley and Link… but if that’s not good enough for you, then I am hear to tell you that this book, Dangerous Creatures ends on the cliffiest of cliffhangers and OMIGOD… there’s no way the story ends there. Okay? Yeah. I am taking deep, calming breaths as I type this out. You know how I feel if you’ve already read the book too.

Have I peaked your interest now? Nope… no going over that cliff yet?

CONTINUE READING at Fangirlish and please comment there. Thanks.