[Strange] Emily the Strange

A Kiss for Luck and We're on Our Way...

Traveling tomorrow in the car with two kiddos and in desperate need of some upbeat music. Don't care if its top twenty or new, indie or house music... I needs anything fun, funky and motivating. Leave links or recommendations in the comments. I'll be checking them periodically all night, because I have the hardest time sleeping before a long road trip.

[Merlin] Merlin in Blue

Hangin' Tough

Right now, life's whipping my ass.

Also, please send up prayers for my son. He's been really sick and is on medication again that stunts his growth. It's not the first time and the last time he had to be on it, they checked his growth plates and they were already hardening. He just turned nine and I am not dealing well.

Surgery for me has been postponed because boy health scares are more important. My biopsies came back clean, no cancer, but still yet another growth way too large to leave be. Overall, any good vibes and thoughts sent out would be greatly appreciated.

Miss you all! Hope everyone else is dealing better than I.
[Merlin] Merlin in Blue

My Google Account Hacked!

My Google mail account was hacked and they're sending out emails featuring an radio station of some sort. Since I do send out very short emails with just a link, some of my friends could be fooled by it. However, I do usually always personalize the subject line which this email is not doing.

All my passwords have been changed but please, if you get something of this sort of email from me, delete it. Thanks.
[Pulp] winterval 2012 icon


Still sick... recovering but still sick and have been to see three different doctors already this year with two more on the schedule in the next ten days, and yet I am watching Love Actually and lying in bed snuggled in my duvet about to eat toasted Triscuits with Pepper Jack cheese and life is good.

Wishing you all the best for this new year!